Forum Title: Help Disassembling Double Hung Windows for Repair
I'm working on a house where many of the windows are double-hung and many need some TLC. Most (not all) of the windows are the same design. It seems like I have to do a little demolition to get the sashes out, but I don't feel confident about what steps to take. Looking at the windows, there are plastic tracks on both sides that the sashes glide on. These have screws and on the left side only, the sash has a break in it, for disassembly it seems. These tracks are secured with screws. But I can't seem to remove any track without removing the entire lower sash. And to get that sash out, it seems I need to remove at least one wooden molding (stop?) in the front to get them out. But these moldings seem very securely attached to the window frame and I'm not sure that I shouldn't be able to remove sashes by getting the plastic tracks out somehow. This home was built in the mid-70s and I think these windows are original to it. If anyone has seen these windows and knows the proper way to get at the sashes, I would really appreciate hearing from you. Thanks for anything you know!
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: MISTY FIGUEROA (Lake Havasu City, AZ), 01/02/2019

Open the window and look everywhere. If there is a manufacturers sticker it's usually nowhere easily visible so look on the edges of the sash or in the seal area. Other than that I'd say avoid the big box home centers and search the Internet and check with local window suppliers.

- CARL PHILLIPS (Pittsburg, CA), 03/01/2019

Thanks for your response! I tried yanking on the windows. There is one downstairs that, to my shock, came off easily with a pull to the side. This window is the oddball of the house.The others seem really stuck inside, like I need to take off something more. Im going to keep playing with it and try adjusting the screws in the tracks.

- FREDERICK LYNCH (Savannah, GA), 02/14/2019

These are Anderson windows. This video explains how to remove the sashes. Andersen Windows & Doors

- ISAAC SIMON (Sandy, UT), 03/07/2019

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